Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pictures from this week

Here are a few pictures from our last week - a wild ride. Yes this is pictures from only 10 days of our lives.

We went to Heston Labor day weekend to watch trains with Ryan's brothers and kids.

Here is a sunset at Lions Beach in St. Joe Michigan.

We went up to Free soil to Ryan's parents Cabin, we did a lot of reading there.

Here is a picture of Anna and Beraket our friends new adopted daughter up in Travers City.

Here is a sunset on Lake Michigan in Manastee.

Grandma with her grand kids. Thankfully she is watching Anna while we look for a house here in Erie today.Here are some pictures from bathrooms of homes we have looked at, not all houses are this bad.

3rd floor bathroom.

Matching everything in the room and its the only bathroom in the house. Anna would love it.

This is a toilet in the hall closet, right next to the front door. Yes you can see it from the top to the stairs.These homes were built 70 years ago, people had a lot of time on their hands. I think we saw at least 2 shower heads in basement ... just shower heads.