Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rain and wanting to fix the world

It is 80 F degrees here in Chennai at 7:30 am. It is Monsoon Season but we have not seen rain in a week. I am assured by others we will see more rain this and next month. Sometimes the rain is a blessing when it is so hot and will only get hotter in May, like up to 120 F.

Here are some pictures from our Auto ride to church 2 weeks ago and what happens to the slums when the rain hits. I hate to get wet but I feel a lot worse for those whose homes are on the water. You can't bail out if you house is in the river. We can find places inside to hang our laundry but these homes are 8 x 10 there isn't room to move much less find higher ground. Like my wise friend points out with my American mentality I want to fix everything and in some cases I have to let others do it themselves. They won't learn if they don't do it themselves.

(Make take a couple days to be some where with a strong internet conection to get the pictures uploaded :)