Thursday, June 26, 2008

What am I going to miss?

  • My friends, those who speak English and the ones who only speak Tamil, we share life
  • Sambar, dosa, chapatti, appalum, drum stick, and so much more fresh food
  • Autos, I will have to drive myself again
  • Cramming into a bus and having 6 other people touching me. Some times you end up leaving with some one elses scarf
  • Living on a few coins a day
  • Seeing the ingenuity of a woman who makes $50 a month while doing 3 businesses, taking care of 2 kids and her parents in her home
  • The love of simplicity. You get by with what you have and that’s it.
  • Working all week with Ryan on projects, proving that when you get married two do become 1!
  • Being appreciated for our spreadsheets, forms and reports.
  • Knowing the names of the people I deal with daily, my ironers Samiam and Nagaraj, groceries from Latha, being driven by Andros or Selvum.
  • Playing Settlers of Cattan with other young moms and dads.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Puppy

I think Anna is getting into more rational thinking.

We were at the grocery store Saturday and she asks can we buy some puppy food.

I tell her that we need a puppy to buy puppy food.

She says when we get a puppy we may buy him the food :) When we get to America we may have a puppy, right now they are too big for the suitcase (That was our justification earlier this week).

She is only 3, I have my hands full.